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How many people have filled out the intake form?

How many villages have we socially formed?

How many villages have we established on property?

How much money has been contributed toward village deposits?





So you want me to drop 20k to live in an RV park with strangers?

Nope! We want to help you deepen friendships, improve your life, and feel grounded with the earth and within many communities. And you can get back your 20k whenever you're done :)

Assuming we start with 16 long-term households on a property, this would give us $320,000 to cover rezoning, RV park development costs, and prove to banks or land owners we're serious. 

And if you want to try it out before you commit 20k, our short-term rental pads are $1,200/month.

When will you have properties available to live on?

As soon as you find 7 other people as crazy about this as you are. -- and you buy, zone, and develop land! Don't worry, we'll help!

Why 20+ acres?

We believe a lot of people want to have access to more space/nature. It's also matching how rural land is often sold in 5, 10, or 20 acre lots. A big part of the idea is also developing a model for land stewardship where maybe 5-10 acres are intensively used for housing and regenerative agriculture, and a good chunk is managed to support native plants, wildlife, and really give back to our planet (which ends up benefiting us in the long run anyway).

That said, there's definitely still the option to use a smaller property within the urban growth boundaries to build cottage clusters with permanent tiny homes.

Who is behind all this? Why are you doing it?

Hi! This is Adam.

I will never sacrifice people for profit. 

I do see an opportunity for any of us, to take the lead on purchasing a property and running the short-term rentals for the first 15 years. This would come with tons of risk and an opportunity to earn something after all expenses are covered.

More importantly, I believe there are so many ways village living could benefit ourselves and our planet. It creates affordable housing, regenerative agriculture, personal wellbeing, and community involvement. 

Shouldn't this be a non-profit?

While our purpose is to build communities and preserve our planet, non-profits can get bogged down in bureaucracy and hierarchy. We also don't want to spend too much effort going down political or ideological rabbit holes. Our preference is to take the next best action while keeping our minds open to new alternatives.

Okay, how will it not be trashy if it's an RV park?

That's really up to you and your village! But there are plenty of ways to write up and agree on some ground rules like CC&Rs. I think another critical part of it is having lots of space between RV pads -- maybe 50-100 ft.

What if I know someone with land who might want to partner with you?

Have them join our weekly Zoom call or send us their info!

How is this not a Ponzi scheme?!

clik this link to wire me money, it's urjent!

Nope, I guess you'll just have to come meet us and see that we're doing EVERYTHING possible to make it easy to trust us.

Aren't you really just hippies pretending not to be hippies?

I'm pretty sure you're only a hippie if you haven't showered in a week... I mean two weeks... Nevermind...

What other resources are you referencing?

We are not experts, but we're trying to learn as fast as we can from anyone we can! Here are some resources that have helped us:

Photo by Jonathan Greenaway on Unsplash